Chief Justice Korkpor Warns Judicial Staff Against Politicking

Chief Justice of Liberia, Francis Korkpor

Chief Justice Francis S. Korkpor has warned judges, magistrates and staff of the Judiciary that the judicial ground is not for political campaigning and polls.

He noted that the judiciary is not the premises of the judiciary is also not for hanging posters of judges as advertisement in and out of the building but instead judges and magistrates must be mindful that the judiciary is a professional institution.

Justice Korkpor was speaking at the 8th Convention of National Association of Trial Judges of Liberia held at the Temple of Justice grounds at the weekend when the judges elected a new corps of officers for the association.

Ahead of the polls, candidates campaigned applying various methods including the use of posters pasted on the judiciary buildings.

“Long time ago we learned that service in the judiciary is a vocation where one is called to serve your country, that’s why judges do not even apply for the post,” Korkpor stated.

“Let me tell you this before sooner or later another election comes and you’ll be on the radio,” the Chief Justice continued.

He also indicated that trial judges are the ones who determine where bad politics is and where good politics is being played in the country, so as trail judges they must do everything possible to select their leadership and be very moderate.

Justice Korkpor, however, urged the judges to be impartial in rendering judgement so as “where the government is wrong, you tell them that you’re wrong and let Justice prevail.”

“The Judiciary doesn’t compromise, you go by the facts and the law applicable, you don’t give and take,” he asserted.

According to the Chief Justice, the purpose Trial Judges Association is to seek the welfare of members to make sure that what affects members within the organization affects the entire organization.

He lauded the work of the court system over the past six months, noting that they have been “very independent” in their judgment despite whose interest was involved as long it was according to the law.


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