Chief Justice Korkpor Warns Judges Against Role In Politics

Chief Justice Francis S. Korkpo

(LINA) – In an effort to maintain the neutrality of the Judiciary, Chief Justice Francis S. Korkpor has warned judges against participating in politics and all activities relating thereto.

“You are not to participate in politics. Stay away from political meetings. It is not right for judges to attend political meetings,” said Justice Korkpor to judges, magistrates and other members of the judiciary.

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court sounded the warning on Monday at the opening of a four-day, quarterly training of judges and magistrates organized by the James A. A. Pierre Judicial Institute with funding from the USAID Legal Professional Development and Anti-Corruption Program (LPAC) and the Liberia Criminal Justice Program Support.

The four-day event, which lasts until Thursday, May 3, is being held in the conference hall of Criminal Courts ‘A’ and ‘B’ at the Temple of Justice in Monrovia.

In his opening statement, Justice Korkpor called on magistrates and judges desirous of taking part in elections or political activities to notify him through the offices of the Court Administrator or resign before taking on politics or they could be considered to have abandoned their assignments in pursuit of political positions.

At the same time, Chief Justice Korkpor is calling on judges to respect the memorandum that provides for punctuality,  timely submission of trial dockets and court returns.

He said the lack of punctuality is affecting citizens, while the delay in the submission of court dockets and returns is embarrassing the judiciary, especially when it has to respond to requests from development partners.

“Let us do our work on time or it will affect our people,” he told the gathering.

This edition of the quarterly training targets 50 trial judges who are members of the National Association of Trial Judges.

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