Chief Cyril Allen calls on Gov’t to stop ‘excessive’ spending

An executive of the Governing Council of the Coalition for Democratic Change, Chief Cyril Allen, has stressed the need for government to reduce extensive spending.

Chairman Allen said: “With the size of government and the income, it is prudent to cut down on extraordinary expenses and redirect savings to initiatives that will impact the livelihood of majority of the people”.

Speaking to state radio, ELBC recently, Chief Allen noted that such cuts should begin with the Legislature and extend to other branches and functionaries of government.

Chief Cyril Allen

Chief Allen said: “It is incumbent upon government to reduce widespread spending of public funds as previous governments were also criticized for huge expenditure”.

The top CDC Official reminded the opposition community that despite the current economic situation in the country, government has five years to make things right.

Liberians sine the ascendancy of the CDC-led government have been speaking out on the reported wasteful,  while majority of the country’s population is drowning in abject poverty, backed with the increased in the exchange rate ($1 to LD210) continue to raise.

Already buck of the citizenry are said to be bitter with their government as a result of all of these uncontrollable happenings in the country; the deplorable condition of roads throughout the country has also been one of their dissatisfaction, as they finds it very hard to bring their produce from their villages for marketing due to these situations.

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