Chaos at Germany’s largest airport as storm causes floods, cancellations

Frankfurt Airport grapples with disruptions and water damage in the aftermath of a powerful storm, resulting in flight cancellations and widespread flooding.

Heavy rains have plunged Germany’s largest airport, Frankfurt Airport, into chaos, causing around 100 flight cancellations and numerous delays.

The rainfall flooded the runway on Wednesday evening, leaving hundreds of passengers stranded on planes for several hours.

The storm dumped huge quantities of water and reportedly unleashed over 25,000 bolts of lightning in about an hour.

Videos posted on social media have shown that large parts of the runway were covered with water.

Ground handling at the airport had to be stopped altogether for more than two hours. More than 20 flights headed for Frankfurt were diverted to other airports.

The airport operator has said in a statement that the weather conditions will affect Thursday’s flight schedule and may cause further cancellations and delays.

“Passengers should check flight times with their respective airlines. Due to increased passenger volume, we advise all passengers to arrive at the airport 2.5 hours before their flight time,” the operator said.

There were more than 350 instances of water flooding into buildings and 17 fallen trees, they said, adding that off-duty personnel were called in to help.

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