CDC-COP Disagree With PLO Lumumba’s Assertion On Ex President Weah

In a social media post, the CDC-COP said it disagrees with PLO Lumumba; Proves that Weah’s influence as a soccer legend benefitted the motherland more than any Liberian Ever to Live- A Quick Riposte to PLO Lumumba’s Assertion of Questioning Weah’s Using his Influence on OK FM Talkshow last week.

The CDC-COP said it believed that PLO Lumumba remains an important voice of Pan- Africanism and his opinion on any subject becomes a point of contention; therefore, it is a moral obligation that such opinion be guided by all atoms of facts. Yesterday Mr. Lumumba fell short on OK FM.

The statement said the assertion that Ambassador Weah didn’t bring his millionaire footballers to invest in Liberia is a rarity onerous. Amb. Weah Influence isn’t just limited to soccer players. His mesmerizing talent impacted world leaders and top professionals who contributed to Liberia and we must highlight that. Less than 5% of footballers aren’t investors; therefore, why do you expect Amb. Weah to bring in footballers to invest in Rubber when the Imperial-Capitalist Firestone Rubber Plantation Company has over 25 years of operation monopoly with exclusive rights, or Bea Mountain Mining Company owning nearly 30% of the Gold across the country? This is a scenario to show that the structural impediments were enormous; therefore, it’s important to grade Amb. Weah as a Presidential phenomenon that used his celebrity influence to spearhead massacratic-driven policies and projects that benefitted the ordinary Liberian populace.

Here are a few dividends of Amb. Weah Influence that benefitted the political subdivisions of Liberia:

  1. Amb. Weah being a soccer legend of France where he plied his trade for PSG, Marseille and AS Monaco paid his first visit to France in 2018 and his fan now President of France, Emmanuel Macron, gave him a King’s welcome. This meeting led to US$ 10 Million in support towards Liberia’s youth development and sports improvement. See the link to this reality.…/french-government-commits-to…
  2. Because Amb. Weah opted to play soccer in the Gulf nation of United Arab Emirates (UAE) to end his career for the Al Jazeera football club in the early 2000s, the UAE built a US$ 50 million state-of-the-art Emirates Hospital in Bopolu City, Gbarpolu County. This hospital is benefiting thousands of plebeians from the rural part of that side of the country

 See the link to this:…/my-decision-to-play…/

  1. Amb. Weah being the only African to win the European Footballer of the Year in 1995, was no stranger to the European Union (EU) after his ascendancy as President. He used his influence and instituted a progressive working relationship with the EU and Liberia benefitted over US$ 176.8 million over the last 6 years in various sectors ranging from road construction, healthcare, Youth empowerment, women’s empowerment, peace-building etc.
  2. Amb. Weah being a former UNICEF Ambassador having a good relationship with the United Nations launched an ambitious USD100 million programme to the Accelerated Community Development Programme (ACDP) that was designed to help Liberians climb out of poverty, improve their living standards, live a healthier and longer life while reducing gross inequalities between rural and urban areas.…/president-george-weah-launches…

  1. Amb. Weah influenced a grant of US$5 million that was given by the UAE government through the Abu Dhabi Development Fund to construct a sports and recreation park on the beachside of the PHP Community, one of the slum communities in Monrovia, Liberia’s capital city. The state-of-the-art sports and recreation park is named Liberia Unification Sports Park and is one of the largest sporting and recreation centres in the West African region. This former death ground where 13 men were slaughtered was transformed through Weah’s Influence as an epitome of peaceful Beautification and recreation wherein thousands of Liberians go to have a wonderful experience…/president-weah…/

  1. Amb. Weah and scores of his soccer friends constructed Invincible Sports Park for the Airfield Community…

The CDC-COP mentioned the above as a premise to inform PLO Lumumba about the realities that he must know. Amb. Weah’s influence as a soccer legend has benefitted Liberians more than any Liberian ever to live. There are also tons of instances in which Amb. Weah used his influence to benefit the ordinary masses. Even before the Presidency, Amb. Weah spent over US$ 10 million from his pocket to bankroll the Liberia Football Association ( LFA), pay University Students’ tuition, organise peace and anti-war conferences, and donate essential necessities to Liberians who were in refugee camps around the globe.

The CDC-COP believes that Mr. Lumumba’s assertion to devalue the contributions of Amb. Weah to the Liberian people is anti-progressive and we term it as a coined accident orchestrated through misinformation being channeled by Mr. Sheikh M. Kouyateh (High Ranking Member of the PLO Lumumba Liberia Chapter) and also Joseph N. Boakai Ambassador-At-Large, Ministry of State for Presidential Affairs. We believed that Sheikh being an angry ingrate infested with greed and bitterness is the one who misinformed his friend, PLO Lumumba in an attempt to demean Amb. Weah’s services to the Liberian people.

The CDC-COP urges Mr. Lumumba to be reminded that Sheikh’s employer, Joseph N. Boakai is a governmental parasite that has lived all on his own taxpayers’ money. Unlike Amb. Weah who had a fantastic soccer career that afforded him millions of dollars and an intercontinental recognition, Mr. Boakai could be an infinite nobody without a government job. The statement signed by the CDC- Council of Patriots National Executive Council said.

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