CDC Chief Scribe, Jefferson Koijee Expresses Contrary Views On Senator Snowe’s U.S. Attack

“Liberians, we are the author of our problems not the Americans as insinuated by Senator Snowe”, the former ruling party Secretary General in reaction to Bomi County Senator, Edwin Snowe recent attack on the United States Government noted.

Speaking today at a news conference, Koijee expressed contrary view on Bomi County’s Senator Edwin Snowe statement that America is responsible for Liberia backwardness and under development.

After the signing of the famous & historic War Crimes Court Resolution, Snowe took to open plenary to blast the Americans for allegedly being cause of Liberia’s under development, backwardness and failed state.

On the contrary, the CDC SG said Liberians are the author, publisher and readers of their problems and not the West.

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