Catholic Priest opposes death penalty for Rape Perpetrators in Liberia

Rev. Father Ambrose Kroma

The Parish Priest of the St. Kizito Catholic Church, Rev. Father Ambrose Kroma, has opposed death penalty for rape perpetrators in Liberia.

Due to the increasing wave of rape incidents in the Country, several prominent and ordinary Liberians have voiced their support for capital punishment for perpetrators of rape as deterrent.

But delivering his sermon over the weekend, Rev. Father Kroma, said death penalty for rape may create what he termed as a slippery-slope with undue consequences.

The Catholic Priest, however, emphasized the need to fast track rape cases and also strengthen the relevant institutions in bringing justice to rape victims.

Rev. Father Kroma wants Liberians to soul search and rediscover their moral conscience, and take action to remedy the increasing wave of rapes in the Country.


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