Catholic Priest Condemns ‘Yellow Journalism’ As PUL Observes World Press Freedom Day In Barclayville City

Priest Sieh preaching to the audience including Deputy Speak Koffa and the county Superintendent, Madam Doris Ylatun

Priest of the Barclaville St. Peter Claver Parish has publicly condemned those involve in the  of what he called ‘Yellow Journalism’ amid this year’s observance of the World Press Freedom Day been organized by the Press Union of Liberia in the southeastern City of Barclayville, Grand Kru County.

Addressing journalists including county officials, and the Deputy Speaker of the  House of Representatives, HonCllr. Jonathan Fonati Kiffa, Father Prince Sieh noted that as media practitioners, there are some who refused to be professional, but rather preferred to get themselves into ‘Yellow Journalism’.

“As media practitioners, we respect and pay homage to you because you inform us about daily happenings, and through we are enlightened to make inform decision. However, few of your practice yellow journalism and we are calling on those involved in such a practice to desist because it is dangerous in every democratic  society,” Father Sieh in a rather serious tune told worshipers including dozens of journalists.

Speaking further on the issue of yellow journalism being allegedly practiced by some unscrupulous individuals in the field of journalism, Father Sieh further noted, “If news is not factual, balanced and reliable, people are misinformed. When people are misinformed, they may result to violence which has the proclivity to destabilize an entire nation as evident in the Rwanda genocide,” he admonished the journalism community.

After service at the St. Peter Claver Parish a photo snap was taken; with the City Mayor of Barclayville, Madam Benetor Blamo

Making remarks at the program, the President of the Press Union of Liberia (PUL), Mr. Charles Coffey, Jr.  in his remarks, lauded Father Sieh for the message delivered ahead of the main celebration of World Press Freedom Day, adding, “This is a reminder of the crucial role we have to play in serving the public in a way that does not undermine national development.” Said, Coffey.

For her part, the Superintendent of Grand Kru County, Madam Doris Ylatum praised the PUL for the decentralizing its activities across the country, and further urged local journalists in the county to be professional in the performing of their duties as journalists.

At the end of the service a mini rally was held between the woman and the men with the women wining over the men LD13,000.00 as the men got LD8,000 which at the end of the day, HonCllr. Koffa made a contribution of over US$1,000 to the women’s total cash.

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