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World Leaders Head to Saudi Arabia after King’s Death

January 25, 2015 0

World leaders are descending on Saudi Arabia to pay respects following the death of King Abdullah. Despite deep tensions between the nations, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif was one of the first to arrive […]

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Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz dies

January 23, 2015 0

Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz has died, royal officials have announced, weeks after he was admitted to hospital. King Abdullah, who was said to be aged about 90, had been suffering from a lung infection. […]

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Yemen Leader, Rebels Reportedly End Stalemate

January 22, 2015 0

Authorities in southern Yemen re-opened Aden's air and sea ports on Thursday, officials said, after President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi accepted some demands from the dominant Houthi group in a move expected to ease days of […]

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Japan Demands IS Release Hostages

January 20, 2015 0

Japan’s government vowed not to give in to terrorism after Islamic State militants released a videotaped threat to kill two Japanese citizens held hostage. A man clad in black and speaking with a British accent […]

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In Terror Fight, EU Appeals for Arab Help

January 19, 2015 0

The European Union is looking for new cooperation with the Arab world to combat Islamic terrorism in the aftermath of deadly attacks in France and anti-terror raids in Belgium. EU foreign ministers met Monday in […]

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Belgian Troops Join Security Patrols as European Crackdown Spreads

January 18, 2015 0

Security was significantly increased Saturday in Belgium, Germany and elsewhere in Western Europe, following raids in which dozens of suspected Islamic terrorists were arrested.Thousands of police were spread out across Belgium guarding possible terror targets, […]

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Turkey Investigating Newspaper for Publishing Charlie Hebdo Cartoon

January 16, 2015 0

Turkish prosecutors have launched an investigation into a national newspaper for publishing extracts from the latest edition of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. The investigation follows the Turkish prime minister condemning the magazine for […]

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