“Carry Our Colleague Abroad” – APM Terminals Workers Tell Management

Myers Nimely is said be suffering stroke

Workers of APM Terminals are calling on management of the company to urgently take their ailing colleague, Mr. Myers Nimely, out of the Liberia for medical treatment.

Nimely, a crane operator, reportedly fell off in the APM Terminals Compound on September 18, 2020, and was rushed to the Fidelity Medical Center adjacent JFK in Sinkor.

According to the workers, Nimely condition continues to worsen, stressing the need for urgent actions to save his life.

The workers accused management of downplaying Nimely’s health because he is not an expatriate or official, adding, “If he was an expat or official, then Nimely has since been flown abroad for advanced medical treatment.” They claimed that Nimely is the best crane operator among all APM Terminals operation countries, something they said requires a preferential treatment as done with others,

The workers are worried due to what they call misunderstanding they have with the company on insurance issue.

It can be recalled that in July of this year the employees claimed that their well being was no longer guaranteed because management has allegedly squashed the local insurance company they were dealing with and is providing unfavorable medical services to them through a brokering firm called Medical Pactilis based in Morocco.

According to them, it is not an insurance program because the process does not provide effective insurance services to them. “When an employee goes to any of the selected medical centers, that person’s medical details are sent to Medical Pactilis and Medical Pactilis determines the illness that is to be covered and subsequently bargains with the medical center before the medical center can treat that person,” one of the affected employees said.

Such a process, according to the employees, is ineffective and delaying, thus leading some of them to underwrite the cost of their own bills; claims that management had since denied.

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