Cape Mount Protestors Stone Traditional Leaders

KINJOR-Protestors in Kinjor, Grand Cape Mount County, who have set up road blocks to prevent normal work at Bea Mountain Mining company booed and stoned traditional leaders who have gone to appeal to them for the second time to remove the road blocks.

Traditional council leaders had earlier met with the protestors and appealed to them for peaceful settlement.  This followed after they met with management. But the protestors resisted and called on them to inform the company to abide by their counts or there will be no peaceful settlement.

“The traditional council came here and appealed to them to leave the place so that they can settle it, but they started stoning them. They booed at them,” our reporter at the site said.

Due to this, the head of the council called on his team to leave the site and will inform central government of the  next action.

“This is not good at all. We as traditional council have come to make peace, but they started throwing rock on us. That is disrespect to us,” Haje Sumbia, said it through a translator.

This is a developing story

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