Campaigners of the ‘Bring Back Our Money’ Alarm Over Threats On Their Lives

Flash Back: Protesters of ‘Bring Our Money Back’ marching the streets of last month, September, 2018

Making the disclosure Wednesday on the Voice of America (VOA), Martin Kollie, chairman of the Concern Citizens United to Bring Back Our Money (COCUBOMB), a newly formed civil society group alleged that their lives are under serious threats from the angle of the government.

Pointing accusing fingers at the Mayor Monrovia, Mayor Jefferson T. Koijee, Kollie told the VOA that the Monrovia City Mayor has allegedly sent thugs to chase them everywhere they are so as to have them eliminated.

“There are credible information within our reach, that the government of Liberia, especially from the angle of the Monrovia City Corporation under the youth chairman of the CDC that They have unleashed thugs to hunt us everywhere we go. So, as I speak to you now, as the chairman of COCUBOMB I am not at my house and other leaders and campaigners are not also at their houses,” Kollie told the VOA.

Kollie stated that there are facebook messages all over his facebook page alleging that he and the rest of the other campaigners would die by the end of this week.

At the same time, Martin Kollie who is also a student of the state-owned University of Liberia (UL) has disclosed that there are plans underway by the university’s administration to expel him from the university on grounds that his action is causing serious embarrassment to the government of Liberia.

“People are indicating all on facebook that we will die before this weekend. In fact, as I speak to you, I have received an intelligent from a senior administrator of the University of Liberia where I study economics that the government is pressurizing the university to expel me for no reason, simply because I led a protest on Monday, September 24, 2018 calling on the government to speedily investigate this missing billion saga,” Kollie stressed.

However, the group has vowed to stage a nationwide protest that would lock down the entire country so as to ensure that this matter is properly addressed.

For his part, the Mayor of the Monrovia City Corporation, Jefferson T. Koijie has refuted the allegation being levied against him by the campaigners.

Mayor Koijie told the same VOA that the allegation is false and misleading, adding that this allegation is grave therefore anyone making such claim should provide evidence.

“All I can say to you is that the allegation is false and misleading. I think this claim is grave and that when someone is levying such claim, there must be some evidences associated with the claim,” Koijee said

He indicated that at no point in time did he or any member of the government issued any threat against any member of the campaign, noting that there should be no reason why anyone would want to choose such path that seeks to strengthen the democracy of the country.

By Jackson C. Clay, Jr.

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