People search for survivors and bodies on the site of a landslide in Anyama, near Abidjan, Ivory Coast [Sia Kambou/AFP]

Cameroon: At least 13 dead in landslide after torrential rain

CAMEROON – Torrential rain during the night of Sunday (Oct. 8) to Monday (Oct. 9) have triggered a landslide which destroyed parts of the Mbankolo neighbourhood, around 25 km from Yaoundé.

13 people have been confirmed dead so far.

Public broadcaster CRTV reported that torrential rain caused a dyke in the neighborhood to rupture.

“I hand’t heard of the incident”, a resident said.

“I’ve just rushed here only to see that the artificial lake had indeed ruptured. I see this and I see injured people being evacuated and sent to the hospital. There are people that we know, that live in the neighborhood they are still unaccounted for.

Daouda Ousmanou, the divisional officer of the Yaoundé district where Mbankolo is located warned that the death toll could still rise.

He added that firefighters were on the scene supervising a search and rescue operation.

Public broadcaster CRTV reported that “around thirty houses had been destroyed”.

Mudslides during the rainy season are frequent in Yaoundé, a hilly city where sometimes precarious dwellings are built.

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