LIBERIA: Speaker Chambers Donates To Maryland County Health Center

By E. Varney Kamah | GNN Correspondent In Maryland County |

Dr. Methodius George and his team receiving the donation onboard a 40foot container

As Liberians battle with the deadly Coronavirus which has swept the lives of millions of people around the globe including Liberia, humanitarian organizations and individuals are doing all to providing preventive materials to communities around the country, the latest is the Speaker of the House of Representatives who is also Representative of Pleebo Sodoken District # 2 in Maryland County, Dr. Bhofal Chambers.

According to GNN Correspondent in Maryland County, several COVID-19 materials including two Drums of Fuel were made available to the County Health Team from Dr. Chambers through District Coordinator, Robert P.M. Weah to the Maryland County Health Team.

Making the presentation to the Health Team, Superintendent of the County,  George A.Prowd and the Development Superintendent, Robin Scott, praised the Speaker for the donation, noting. “The Speaker understands some of the challenges being faced by the Health sector of the County, despite support from the Liberia government and other partners. Mr. Weah during the presentation recounted the early donation which included assorted drugs made to the Pleebo Health Center by the Speaker was overwhelming.

Receiving donation, the head of the County Health Team, Dr: Methodius George, expressed thanks and appreciation to Dr. Chambers for the donation, and also hope others will follow his good initiative.

However, speaking to reporters of the Radio Pleebo Sodoken 103.2 F M via mobile phone, Dr. Chambers said there are many great plans in the making for the Maryland Health Center, noting, “I want to say Many thanks to Marylanders, most especially the County Health Team for the recovering of the first COVID-19 case in the County. I am indeed overwhelmed of the medical team including doctors and nurses in the County for their job well done,” Dr. Chambers told reporters.

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