Dr. Nancy T. Freeman

BWI Gets First Female Principal, Dr. Nancy T. Freeman Takes Office May 15, 2024

The newly-appointed Principal of the Booker Washington Institute (BWI), Dr. Nancy T. Freeman, will now take office on Wednesday, May 15, at 11 a.m. on the campus in Lakata.

A renowned public and education administrator and former Deputy Youth and Sports Minister, Dr. Freeman succeeds Attorney Dr. Harris Fomba Tarnue, who’s been Principal for a little over seven years. Both Tarnue and Freeman are passionate products of the institute.

Dr. Freeman becomes the first female principal of BWI since the premier technical and vocational training school came into being in 1929 to train the hands and minds of middle level technicians for nation-building.

The Representative of the Chair Ex-Officio of the BWI Board of Governors, Mr. Jonathan Paye-Layleh, a former alumni association president, will lead an array of board members to the BWI campus for the takeover ceremony on Wednesday.

He had earlier visited the campus to prepare the outgoing leadership, workforce and student body for the arrival of the new principal, and, he says, so far the transitional process has been smooth.

The 17-member BWI board has met in an acquaintance meeting with the incoming principal who has assured the policy body of her desire to build upon the foundation left by  Principal Tarnue  and work toward rebranding the school to make it a truly 21st century learning ground.

BWI graduates at home and abroad, as well as the women community in Liberia, have been sending congratulatory messages to Dr. Freeman and singing the praise of President Boakai for his farsightedness in choosing the first female principal of the school.

Members of the school’s Board of Governors are expected to grace the takeover ceremony.

BWI celebrates its 95th Founding Anniversary on the last weekend of June, a release from the office of the Representative of the Chair Ex-Officio of the BWI board has disclosed.

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