Build & Live in Bomi County ; Musa Willie urged Bomians living in the Diaspora

At the end of a 3-day annual national convention, the president of the National Bomi County Association in the Americas, Mr. Musa Willie, called on Bomi Citizens living in the diaspora to start building homes and businesses in Bomi   County . Mr. Musa Willie urged his fellow citizens to start building homes and businesses in the county because, in his opinion, it doesn’t show any signs of patriotism for BOMIANS to leave a road and electricity accessible county to go elsewhere in search of inaccessible lands for development.

In his words of caution, Mr. Willie said, “all Bomians should start, talking, thinking and living Bomi as a new road map to development”.

While presenting his annual report to the general assembly in Brooklyn Park Minnesota, president Willie said in the coming months , Bomi County  will be benefiting from several projects to include, renovation of clinics in Suehn Mecca District, erection of a state-of-the-art resource center in Tubmanburg, and expansion of the current women empowerment project, among others.

Stressing the need for Bomians to work together for the betterment of the county regardless of their political affiliation, Mr. Willie used the occasion to reiterate  that The National  Bomi County Association  in the  Americas believes that using available networks and connections through  direct representatives, is another way of increasing shared participation in the interest of achieving a bigger development agenda in Bomi County.

Mr. Willie also stressed that respect & curtesy will be given to any public official and private citizen who demonstrates sincere interest in working with NBCAA for the betterment of Bomi County. He however noted that NBCAA’s role in  any arrangement will be based on strong independent principles that keep the organization away from compromising its neutral position while dealing with all public officials & private citizens from Bomi County . He further stated that “If BOMI wins, everyone wins! Let’s focus on what we can do to help our county!”, he concluded.

This year’s convention started  with the reflection of an image of religious tolerance. The convention began with an Islamic prayer service at the mosque in Brooklyn Park and ended with a prayer service at a church in Bloomington, Minnesota. The Islamic prayer service was officiated by the learned Imam & former senior senator of Bomi County, Imam Mohammed Dukuly. Imam Dukuly called on Bomi Citizens to do away with discrimination and tribalism. Imam Dukuly noted that Allah doesn’t look at tribe when he extends his favors. He closed by calling on other aggrieved Bomi citizens to put aside their differences and work with NBCAA for the betterment of the county.

Speaking at the Ebenezer Bartist Church, Rev. Dr. Daniel Goba welcomed the Bomi delegation to his church. Preaching on the theme “ step out”, the guest preacher Rev. John Karmo admonished the congregation to stop sizing themselves. He said “the God we serve doesn’t size favor, he grants it regardless of your age, height, financial status etc.” In closing, Rev. Karmo offered a special prayer for NBCAA officials and members.

Among many things achieved at this year’s convention was the revision and adoption of the organization’s constitution which was written in 1991. Also, the citizens made a collective pledged to put personal interests aside and work for the betterment of their county. Ohio State was selected as the host of the next convention, which is slated for August 2023.

Delivering the official keynote address, Sehjeh District Representative called on Bomi Citizens to invest in women empowerment. She name gender base violence, early marriage and teenage unwanted pregnancy as some of the factors undermining the full potential of girl children and women in the county . She thanked NBCAA for inviting her to speak.

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Established in 1991 as a 501C3 membership-based, welfare support, non-for-profit organization that operates within the United States of America which strive to address the general welfare of its members and to improve the lifestyle of the people of Bomi County in Liberia. Stressing the need for citizens of Bomi County to unite especially those living around the world.


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