Brooklyn Park Police to Donate Old Uniforms to Liberian National Police

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Brooklyn Park police are giving their old uniforms to law enforcement officers in Margibi County, Liberia. This is the same county where Brooklyn Park’s sister city, Kakata, is located.

There are 210,000 people living in Marbibi County. There are 12 police stations there, but the police officers do not have uniforms and the police chief in Liberia believes they should.

“More credibility and plus the citizens will be happy to interact with them because a professional officer, he ought to be looking spic and span in uniform,” said Sylvester Hrne, Margibi County Police Chief

Brooklyn Park has several used and outdated uniforms around its department that cannot be reissued. The city approved giving between 200 and 300 of them to Margibi County.

“When he shared with me that he’s just got one pickup truck, I took him out into our garage that has a fleet of 40 patrol cars,” said Brooklyn Park Police Chief Craig Enevoldsen. “Took him into the SWAT garage where we have a SWAT vehicle that is worth a quarter of a million dollars. You feel pretty spoiled.”

All uniforms will have patches and Brooklyn Park insignia removed. Of course, the toughest part is getting the donated gear to Liberia. Brooklyn Park Pastor Alexander Collins will be shipping a container to Liberia this winter and will include the uniforms.

Source: CCX Media

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