Bridge Liberia concludes Principal Summit ahead of the opening of schools

A cross section of Principals at the summit

Bridge Liberia, the largest partner in the Liberian Education Advancement Program (LEAP)  has concluded its annual principals summit ahead of the opening of schools for the 2022/2023 academic year.

Each year, principals in the Bridge ecosystem are brought together in ideal clusters and provided insights and briefings that will set the basis for the next academic year.

At the summit, principles are also trained on new innovations that will be used in the new school year.

Bridge Liberia’s newest innovation of administering paperless exams was highly welcomed and celebrated by the principals at the summit.

Principals and teachers will also be able to mark students test scores and input student grades via a technological innovation known as Let’s Mark.

The school leaders will use the Let’s Mark application by taking the pictures of students’ answer sheets which will automatically upload the students’ results in the schools database.

This application will eliminate teachers manually entering the test scores of students after every exam, thereby saving time and resources.

The principals also discussed challenges they faced during the past academic year, with recommendations about how the challenges can be mitigated.

At the summit, high performing principals were celebrated and urged to continue working to impact knowledge in the children they serve. High performing principals in the Bridge Liberia ecosystem are those who meet key performance indicators such as lesson completion, teachers attendance, students attendance tracking amongst others.

This year, the summit brought together principals in three different clusters; Monrovia, Ganta and Barclaville from 11 to 19 August 2022

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