Bridge ends training for school staffs nationwide in preparation for MOE/LEAP Year three

Bridge Liberia has concluded trainings for school staffs across the country. As part of the training, Bridge hosted an impressive Principal summit that brought over 130 school leaders together and 58 teachers.

The summit unlike the training is an exciting annual event that forms part of the Liberia Education Advancement Program ( formerly PSL program)  and is an important event that strengthens school leadership management skills and provide opportunity for principals and VPIs to share experiences and lessons learned over the academic year.   Our teachers and Principals are well supported and empowered through these engagements. The school leadership summits and teacher training  focused on best pedagogical techniques, classroom management, community engagement ensuring that school principals, vice principals and teachers have the what they need to be successful.

At the end of every academic year, a summit is held which gives principals and VPIs the opportunity to look at activities and success stories from the last year and share learnings. It also enables the school leadership to come together and many are inspired by the engagement and fellowship with their colleagues.

Bridge uses the occasion to continue to build on the supportive network it has built with Government teachers. It gives the enterprise an opportunity to recommit to teachers and develop more innovations, support and training.

Over thirty female  principals and teachers were amongst their male counterparts at the annual event with several professional lecturers guiding the participants through strategies of being an effective school leader as well as developing understanding of the Bridge model. They were proud of the CGD and IPA research that showed their students had learnt twice as fast as those in neighboring schools.

School leaders are encouraged and enthused by the work happening in their schools and are full of praise for the Government’s introduction of the partnership program.

Harper District Education Officer (DEO), James Wilson who represented the CEO of the county welcomed the participants most of whom came from outside of Harper or

In Ganta two DEOs attended the summit and made remarks  on behalf of their respective offices including the CEOs. Both DEOs were excited about the summit and pledged their support to the newly named LEAP program – taking over from PSL – in general and Bridge in particular.

‘Bridge has been and will continue to be a good partner to teachers and we look forward to more wonderful engagements this year’ the Harper DEO continued.

He said Bridge innovations are superb and brought a new reform and dynamism to Liberia’s educational program and as such the Maryland CEO remains elated about the presence of the program in the county yea Liberia. He hopes to see it further extended in the years to come.

The Harper DEO is one of those palpably excited  in the Liberian education sector that the Government has committed to continuation and transition of the public private partnership, now entering its third year, from PSL to LEAP. Bridge will continue to serve the children of Liberia.

The Ministry of Education has said that the new program name better reflects the program objectives: to improve learning outcomes for Liberian children and advance the life prospects of the next generation. Education Minister Ansu D. Sonii, Sr. noted: “the aim of building on the positive learning outcomes evidence thus far”; outcomes evidenced by a study that revealed learning had increased by 60% inside pLEAP schools. (With Bridge students learning twice as much as their peers).

The school leadership summits concluded with a sense of excitement about the start of the next school year and the introduction of LEAP. Principals are proud to be working in schools where learning is happening and are optimistic for the future of their students and the future of Liberia.

They also had over 30 hours of “drills and scrimmages” where teachers were able to practice using the teacher computer while incorporating Bridge’s Big 4 teacher techniques a Bridge release said

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