The vehicle flamed up after crashing

Breaking: Unknown Vehicle Runs Into Huge Crowd Killing Several and Wounding Others At The Headquarters Of Unity Party

What is believed to be a suicide bomber took place Monday evening at the headquarters of the opposition Unity Party located in central Monrovia when an unknown vehicle ran into a jubilant supporter at the headquarters of the party killing about ten to fifteen persons and wounding several others.

Some of the victims lying on the ground helplessly

Eyewitnesses who saw the vehicle told reporters that the driver of the vehicle drove closer to the crowd, parked few minutes and begin to speed up in the huge crowd who were celebrating following the final electoral results by the National Elections Commission that the UP Standard Bearer had won the November 14 runoff election.

According to information received, several persons who got wounded from the incident were rushed to local hospitals, while those reportedly pronounced dead were also rushed to various funeral homes.

Detail will follow in our subsequent posting

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  1. Beh Maweah-Gehi says

    Has Liberia become Arab country now. Very strange in our country this must be investigated promptly by our security officers. Speedy recovery for those wounded. My condolences to the families whose loved ones were killed.

  2. Mathew says

    It is a very sad for Mama Liberia. And this is completely unacceptable. And it must be condemn to letter. And perpetrators brought to justice.

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