Breaking: In Charloe Musu Murder Trial, Defense Pathologist Reveals ‘Male DNA’ Was Found

Defense Pathologist in the Charloe Musu Murder case has said that a Male DNA was found in the middle-left hand fingernail of the deceased Charloe Musu.

Dr. Matthias I. Okoye of the Nebraska Institute of Institute of Forensic Sciences, Lincoln USA, a Forensic Pathologist, Scientist Pathologist, Clinical Pathologist and an Attorney on the witness stand Tuesday said the following:

✓ the victim, Charloe Musu died of blunt force trauma as a result of multiple stabbing wounds

✓ The stabbings were caused by an instrument which is not a knife

✓ The stabbings were caused / done by a muscular male

✓ That none of the defendants have the capacity to cause these wounds

✓ That there was a foreign DNA of a male found in the middle fingernail of the left hand of the victim

✓ That all DNA profiles from the victim exclude all the defendants etc

Dr. Okoye is a member of the American Board of Medicine and has conducted over twenty thousand autopsies in the USA and Africa including 4 in Liberia (Angel Togba).

Dr. Okoye who is also a Lawyer has practiced and taught Medicine for over 42 years.

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  1. Guzzy967 says

    Dr. Okoye failed on this particular autopsy!!! Imagine the stories from the occupants of the house how one of them had tussling confrontation with the purported assailant will lend a distasteful credence to his autopsy’s results. Dr. Okoye or whosoever you call yourself, we are not fools to believe your so-called findings. Please, for the sake of God allow Charlie’s murderer face punishments for the crime committed against her.

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