Boris Johnson survives last minute coup to keep him out of Downing Street

By Daniel O’Donoghue | The Press and Journal |

Sir Alan Duncan

Boris Johnson survived a coup to keep him out of Downing Street last night, after a prominent Tory critic failed in an attempt to force a Commons confidence vote.

Sir Alan Duncan, who resigned from the Foreign Office yesterday, applied for an emergency debate on the next Conservative leader to establish whether Parliament “supports his wish to form a government”.

The vote, if lost, would have put pressure on Theresa May and her ability to recommend to the Queen that Mr Johnson, who is expected to win the leadership contest this morning, could form a government.

Speaker John Bercow rejected the application for the debate however, averting the potential for constitutional confusion.

Sir Alan insisted his actions were not motivated by “personal animosity of any sort” about Mr Johnson but said he had “very grave concerns that he flies by the seat of his pants and it’s all a bit haphazard and ramshackle”.

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