Bong County CEO Cries For Vehicle

By Emmanuel Mafelah

Prof Sonii, Liberia’s Education Minister

Bong County Education Officer Armah N’debeh Varfee is appealing to the National government, the Bong Legislative Caucus and well- meaning Citizens to help the County School System with vehicle.

Since the assignment of CEO Armah N’debeh Varfee as Bong County Education Officer, there has been no vehicle given to him for the County operation a situation that is seriously causing setback to the County educational system.

Earlier in 2015, the Liberian government through the Ministry of Education purchased a brand new pick-up for the County educational office during the administration of Edward Kpulum which was later passed over the Samuel Koenig upon taking over as CEO from Mr. Kuplum.

When the Coalition for Democratic Change took over the Country’s leadership, CEO Samuel Koineg was reportedly transferred and then replaced by former Dolokellen Gboveh Principal James Zuannah.

Mr. Koenig left the Ministry’s vehicle while leaving the office and it was purposely used by CEO James Zuannah.

But when Mr. James Zuannah received his letter of transfer to Lofa as County Education Officer, he immediately took the vehicle to Lofa where he is currently using it thus causing the setback for the County

During the former Bong County Education Officer transfer he allegedly accused the Deputy Speaker Prince Moye of the 54th National Legislature for minister mining his transfer to Lofa County as county educational officer.

CEO James Zuannah said the Bong County District#2 lawmaker Prince Kermue Moye was accusing him (Zuannah) for transferring of teachers from one institution to another in the county.

But, he said it was not intended to witch-hunt anyone of the teachers, but to provide a conducive learning environment and also curtail the migration of students from the rural areas to the city for quality education.

Mr. Zuannah transfer was greeted with political tensions in the county when some citizens accused him of transferring teachers who were supporting other politicians in the senatorial by election in July of this year in Bong County; most especially senator elects Dr Henrique Flomo Tokpa.

An allegation which was refuted by Deputy Speaker Moye, that he (Moye) doesn’t have the authority to assign or reassign county educational officers in the country.

Mr. Varfee has stated that he usually ride commercial bike whenever he is going to other parts of the County for inspection which he said it is not to be so.

Mr. Varfee wants the National government to quickly help the County School system with vehicle in order to enhance the ministry activities.

In a related development, Mr. Armah Varfee has also debunked speculation that he has been accusing Mr. James Zuannah, the former CEO of looting the Office before his departure to Lofa County.

But according to reports, it was a mandate from the Ministry of Education that all reassigned CEOs should carry along their assign vehicle.

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