Bomi Sports Committee Appreciates Western Cluster’s Donation -Says It Helps With 80% of Sunday’s Game

The County has been seeking support to take care of its expenses and one of those institutions that has come to the aid of the team is Western Cluster Liberia, an Iron ore Mining Company located in that Western part of Liberia.

Recently, the company made a donation of 5,000 thousand United States dollars for the team’s preparation for their games.

Abdu Kanneh chairs the County Sports Committee and has been very appreciative tto the donation of the mining Company to their team.

Speaking in an interview, Kanneh said the donation to the team is commendable, stating, “ while it is true that we expect more, we appreciate the 5,000.00.”

He said the money provided by the company has covered a significant position in today’s game.

“For just the Sunday game, the money has covered about 80%” the Bomi County Sport Committee head said.

He added, “ We commend them for that and we will be making an appeal when we progress to the next stage of the game to come in with more support.”

The Bomi County Sports Committee head said he has been assured by Western Clusters’ CEO of additional support should the team make it to the next stage.

“ In fact, the CEO said when we get to the final, he will be in attendance with Bomi County’s Jersey on him.

Responding to a question about accountability, Mr. Kanneh said he doesn’t play with money and the system that they have in place is ensuring that players sign for their own pay per game so that they get a good record after the County meet encounters.

One thing that the Bomi Sports chair was sure of is an organized program that will appreciate the citizens, Western Cluster and all those who supported the team.

The team wrote the Mining Company seeking for support that would have led to the payment of 50% of the over 100 thousand budget, but with what they have received thus far the team has sent a sense of appreciation for said support.

Bomi, like any County, is challenged because the county’s local government structure is still being structured.

Because the county local structure is not in place, Kanneh requested that the fund be sent to his account for onward submission to the team.

“When I received the money,  I communicated it to the team,” Kanneh said.

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