Bomi County Former Senator Lahai Gbabye Lansanah Is Dead

The Late Lahai Lansanah

Former Bomi County Senator Lahai Gbabye Lansanah and Campaign Manager for Representative Edwin Snowe Senatorial bid has died following a brief illness.

According to report from Bomi County, the falling former lawmaker died 4am this morning, August 5, 2020 at the St. Joseph Catholic Hospital in Monrovia for what was called ‘Common Cold’.

Dead news of the former lawmaker has reported shocked the entire County, with people mourning his death, but wondering the actual cause of his death.

Representative Edwin Snowe who brought the former lawmaker and his Campaign Manager to Monrovia following his illness and took him to the medical centers appeared saddened as he mourned the death of his Campaign Manager.

Detail will follow in our subsequent report

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