BMMC supports S/Leone Liberia Roadside Brushing …Citizens And Lawmakers Commend Company

Bea Mountain Mining Company has given its full support to repairing of damaged parts of the road that connects Liberia to Sierra Leone.  The road is about 299km(185mi) stretch.

The company gave the support following a request from the Representative of district number two of Grand Cape Mount County, Mohammed Dosii. The ground breaking ceremony was caried out over the weekend. Officials of the company as well citizens.

The road is an international highway which vehicles from both Liberia and Sierra Leone ply. “This is a good venture that Bea Mountain has started. Most parts of this roads are bad. Sometimes accidents occur to some of the big hole here,” Amos Keadi, a motorbike rider in Cape Mount told journalists over the weekend.

As a result of this, the representative commended BMMC for supporting such healthy project

The highway also is also located in Garwula District Grand Cape Mount County.

During the ground breaking ceremony, Grand Cape Mount County District number Two Lawmaker, Hon Mohammed Dosii welcomed and thanked Bea Mountain Mining Corporation for honoring his request.

“Few days ago, I met the management of BMMC so we can do the roadside brushing. Thank God the management agreed and we are going to do the ground breaking today. Few days from now, the young people of Grand Cape Mount County will take over the road side brushing,” he said.

Prior to this project, Hon. Dosii was unhappy with the company for not doing much for the citizens. But now, he said, he has seen that the company is undertaking some helpful projects.

He said such initiative by the company was one way of empowering the youths in the county.

“This is youth empowerment. We will Be doing this every year from now to Bo waterside.” Bo waterside is the boundary between Liberia and Sierra Leone, about 299km(185mi)

Hon. Dosii promised working with the management for the good of the community.

He said these are the good types of work which they expect from the company.  “We are happy to see that BMMC is working with the people of Grand Cape Mount County,” he said it during the ceremony.

For his part, the Government and Community Relations manager for BMMC, Mr. Alpaslan Ozbilge said the company is always ready to carry on impactful projects for the communities.  The company has already embarked on series of projects in recent times ranging from rehabilitation of roads to construction of borehole hand pumps.

The management said as long as they are in these communities, they will continue to provide the needed projects to empower the citizens, especially the youths.

Hon. Dosii and the company’s representee took part in the ground breaking ceremony. Both Hon. Dosii and Mr. Ozbilge were seen brushing the side road. This is the first time by any company to undertake such project.

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