Blevahlay To Cutoff From Nimba Soon, If….. As Major Road Nears Impassibility

Off the Saclepea-Tappita highway, there’s a town called Blevahlay, but road leading to the town from the main road is near impassibility due to deplorable bridges and deep potholes along the road.

The road that leads to Gbao Blevahlay is challenging, looking likely impassable. According to our reporter in the area, this is largely due to the deplorable condition of the road and the dangerous condition of bridges along that corridor.

Our reporter further said there are principally two very bad bridges along the route, impeding the free movement of citizens along with their goods and services. The community is agricultural, with the citizens involve in the planting of rubber, cocoa, and several other products. Getting their produces to the market and accessing goods and services is breaking down the population.

Struggling citizens in the area said they too are citizens and deserve better. The lack of development in the community is largely due to the bad conditions along the road. Several individuals have lost their lives and many still face the same risky conditions daily.

Speaking to reporters upon inspecting the road, Nimba County Electoral District seven Representative Roger Domah said “As a government, we must look in the direction of this isolated community which is located off the main road that leads to Tappita, between Loyee and Kpaytuo. We are equally accountable to them. Let’s dig deeper into this community and work along with all stakeholders.”

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