Biden’s lead over Trump falls to just 2 points, new poll finds

Biden and Trump

President Trump gains on Biden in Pennsylvania and Florida as Biden’s lead nationally weakens less than two weeks before election.

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s lead over President Donald Trump has shrunk to just over two points, according to a new poll.

With less than two weeks until the November election, Biden’s edge nationally has fallen to 2.3 points in the latest IBD/TIPP poll, which shows the Democratic nominee with 48.1% of likely voters, compared to 45.8% for Trump in a four-way match up.

The Libertarian Party candidate Jo Jorgensen is projected to receive 3.0% of the vote, with Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins at 0.9%.

Biden has fallen by 3.8 points since October 12th, while support for Trump has increased by 2.4 points.

Since October 13th, Biden’s lead in the IBD/TIPP poll has fallen by 8.6 points, from 10.9 points to 2.3.

Trump still trails Biden among independent voters, put has cut Biden’s lead from double digits down to four points, 45% to Trump’s 41%.

The president is also outperforming with his base in comparison to Biden, winning among Republicans by a margin of 94% to 4%, compared to Biden’s narrower 90% to 7% lead among Democrats.

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