Biden tells Glasgow attendees the 2020s will determine the next generations regarding climate change

The worst is yet to come “if we fail to seize this moment,” according to the US President

US President Joseph Biden Monday said the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow should mark “the starting point of a decade of ambition and innovation” to fight climate change, which he believed is an “existential threat.” The summit is often billed as essential to putting the landmark 2015 Paris climate accord into action.

“This is the decade that will determine the next generations. It is the decisive decade in which we have the opportunity to show ourselves that we can maintain the goal of limiting warming to 1.5 degrees,” Biden warned. He also insisted climate change was “not something hypothetical,” but rather something which already affects people in the form of uncontrolled fires, floods or droughts.

“None of us can escape the worst of what is to come if we fail to seize this moment,” he stressed. He also announced new climate initiatives, including billions of dollars in hoped-for legislation to help poorer communities abroad deal with the consequences of this global scourge. “In an age where this pandemic has made so painfully clear that no nation can wall itself off from borderless threats, we know that none of us can escape the worst that’s yet to come, if we fail to seize this moment,” Biden underlined.

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