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Biden, Obama, and Clinton Unite for Historic DNC Fundraiser in New York City

The three presidents conversed on a panel moderated by Stephen Colbert.

By William E. Ketchum III |

The Democratic Party brought out two of its most renowned presidents for a night of comedy, music, and political star power on Thursday, (March 28) in a record-breaking fundraiser to support President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign.

At what the Biden campaign has proclaimed as “the most successful political fundraiser in American history,” the Democratic National Committee collected more than $25 million in a star-studded affair at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. More than 5,000 attendees filled the historic venue’s seats to see comedian and television host Stephen Colbert sit down with President Biden, Barack Obama, and Bill Clinton to speak to them about their time in the Oval Office and the stakes of the November presidential election against presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Before the main event, attendees were treated to a series of brief live performances. Comedian and actress Mindy Kaling served as host, sharing a few jokes to intermittently offer her “Gen Z energy.” Several stars of the music world came by to offer one-song performances: Lizzo opened with her hit “About Damn Time,” Queen Latifah rocked her hip-hop classic “U.N.I.T.Y.,” and performances by Ben Platt, Cynthia Ervo, and Lea Michele followed.

After the musical performances, the three Democratic presidents appeared on the stage, lifted from a rising platform to thunderous “four more years” chants from the audience, before fielding questions from Colbert.

Biden spent much of his mic time on the offense toward Trump, criticizing the former president’s plans for “absolute autonomy,” his denial of global warming, and his desires to get rid of reproductive rights. “All the things he’s doing are so old,” he quipped. Obama and Clinton, meanwhile, focused on why Biden deserves a second term, while sharing some of their own experiences as Commander in Chief to provide context for their opinions.

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