Bea Mountain calls for a day off, Following death of an employee …. Management calls for a day off

In sympathy with  the family of an  employee of the Bea Mountain Mining Company, Abdulai Kamara,  the company has called on all employees to stay off work   as they mourn his death.

Kamara, an employee  of the Transport Department has been pronounced dead after his involvement  in an accident.

A memo released on Saturday from the company said that the late Kamara was involved in a motor accident at the Kinjor Pit.

“Whilst investigations are underway, management has already notified the relevant authorities of the incident. Meanwhile, in solidarity and recognizing how this incident may have affected workers who are directly linked to Mr. Kamara and the site, the Management asked all persons working at the Kinjor Pit to take a day off,” the institution said.

Also, a team representing the Management has visited the family of the late Kamara.

The management said, “We pledged our fullest support to the family during this difficult time.” The company  is  engaged with family and loved ones as it is   organizing a memorial in honor of their late colleague.

“We sincerely ask all our employees to remain calm, supportive, and in prayer during this situation” the memo of solidarity said.

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