NBCAA/ BOMI-USA Congratulates Winners of Legislative Elections

The National Bomi County Association in the Americas (NBCAA) is pleased to congratulate all the winners of the just ended legislative elections in Liberia. We commend the people of Bomi County for their peaceful participation in the electoral process, and we are confident that the newly elected legislators will serve their constituents with distinction.

NBCAA is committed to working with all elected legislators for the good of Bomi County in particular and Liberia in general. We believe that by working together, we can make a positive impact on the lives of our people.

We also recognize the peaceful and participatory role of the voters and the support of civil society organizations. We are grateful for their contributions to the success of the elections.

To demonstrate NBCAA’s commitment to building sound democracy in Liberia, In March 2023, NBCAA Humanitarian Mission delegation to Liberia played an active role in the voters’ registration, education and awareness process. NBCAA delegation hosted a one-day Voters’ education awareness exercise at Klay Immigration Checkpoint. Also, on election day, NBCAA provided financial and logistical sponsorship to Radio Bomi to help create awareness for increased voters turn-out and to disseminate timely election results from polling centers in Bomi County and Liberia at large.

We are proud of the people of Bomi County for their commitment to democracy and their desire to build a better future for their children. We urge all Liberians to continue to work together for peace, unity, and development.

Clarion Call for Peace, Unity, and Development
NBCAA calls on all Liberians to work together for peace, unity, and development. We must put our differences aside and focus on the common good. We must also hold our elected officials accountable and demand that they serve their constituents with integrity and diligence.

We believe that Liberia has a bright future, but we can only achieve our full potential if we work together. Let us unite as a nation and build a better future for all Liberians.

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