Bassa Residents Hail ArcelorMittal for Timely Support That Restored St John Bridge

Its nearly a week after global steel giant ArcelorMittal Liberia made available critical supplies that ensured the St John Bridge was repaired.

In a random interview with Ablejay TV on Saturday residents of the St John area expressed delight over the support and collaboration that saw the bridge repaired.

Matthew Dolo a motorcyclist said to Ablejay : “we are very happy for this bridge repair work and we want to Thank ArcelorMittal and the government for making the work to happen”

He added that motorcyclists in the county were concerned about the state of the bridge from June 3rd when it was reported damaged.

“Great work has been done here under the bridge by ArcelorMittal and others and we were not expecting this this one”

He continued “I want to tell ArcelorMittal and the government thank you and God bless the company because I was very surprised when I went under the bridge to see the work that was done there”

Matthew said he had through that it would have taken a long time to repair the bridge but with team work from AML the rehabilitation work lasted for a very short period.

A woman identified as Ada Nagbe said he was grateful that ArcelorMittal is able toprivide the support for the county and its people.

One of those interviewed who identified himself as Mr Whea is quoted as saying:

“I want to first of all extend thanks and appreciation to them for doing a very good job on the bridge. I drove on it before the very day it had the problem.

 I was going to Monrovia and I had to put all the passengers down and drive past the bridge in my car alone but right now everybody can remain on the car and you drive along”

Reported cracks at the Buchanan of the bridge which links county to the country’s only international airport and the Monrovia metropolitan areas caused fear and prevented movement of goods and services.

Few days later, prices of basic consumables started to sour raising concern over possible food and exchange rate inflation.

But in a matter of days, ArcelorMittal the private sector leader in Liberia collaborated with other companies and the Ministry of Public Works to get the important bridge restored to full public function.

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