Bashar Assad reshuffles cabinet, appoints new defense minister and 2 others

Syrian President Bashar Assad speaks to reporters in Damascus on December 18, 2017 / AFP

President Bashar Assad has appointed new ministers for defense, information and industry in the latest cabinet reshuffle, as the Syrian war enters its seventh year.

Syrian President Bashar Assad has appointed General Ali Abdullah Ayyoub as defense minister, Mohammed Mazen Ali Yousef as industry minister and Imad Abullah Sarah as information minister, state news agency SANA reported on Tuesday.

This is the latest cabinet reshuffle in Syria, where the lingering war on terrorism entered its seventh year.

Little has been disclosed about the appointees, but it is known that General Ayyoub is a career soldier who completed a senior officer course at the Moscow-based Frunze Military Academy back in 1986, according to SANA. Until his appointment as Defense Minister, he served as chief of the Syrian military’s general staff.

Ayoub, who commanded several units during the war on terrorists, replaced Fahad Jassim al-Freij, who occupied the post since 2012.

The new information minister, Sarah, served as the head of Syrian radio and television. A professional journalist, he previously worked as a news director in Al-Duna TV broadcaster for several years. Yousef, the newly-appointed minister of industry, occupied several positions in Syria’s finance and trade system, according to SANA.

The latest cabinet reshuffle comes at a time when Syrian government forces appear to secure major wins against Islamist terrorists in various parts of the war-ravaged country.

Source: RT News Online

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