Barshall University College Board Fires President, Accuses Him Of Financial Mismanagement With Questionable Credentials

Dr. Israel C. Obiasogu

The Board of Trustee of the Barshall University Collage has with immediate effect dismissed the President of the College, Dr. Israel C. Obiasogu for several ‘unbecoming reasons’ including  his failure to clarify his credentials, and also his failure to account for payroll padding among other things.

In a communication to Dr. Obiasogu, dated November 8, 2018, the Barshall University College Board said, “Your failure to respond to our communications and the Board Inquiry Team on the University Financial transactions and reports; your failure to clarify credentials and stimulate a proper administrative style that motivates faculty and stimulate vision and growth,” portion of the Board’s communication said.

The Board communication to Dr. Obiasogu further gave reason for his dismissal said, “Your ineptitude to serve as President and your continuous absence from campus as President of the university but choose to be hunting for classroom jobs in other schools, expenditure and usage of students deposits, and your failure to report to the Board and faculty on its daily activities,” the communication noted.

Meanwhile, the Board of Trustee has with immediate effect appointed an interim management team headed by Dr. W. Gonsahn Matadi to spearhead the college pending its decision to appoint a new President, while at the same time requesting the dismissed President to turn over all school assets, documents and cash in his possession to the management team of the College.

The Board concluding, warned the dismissed President to desist from spreading falsehood about the University or face the full weight of the law.

In a related development, legal team of the University is making all preparations to issue a lawsuit against the dismissed President for making slanderous and libelous statements in the media against the founder of the University, Mr. CeeBee Barshall, and to also recover all financial misapplications of the University by Dr. Obiasogu.

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