Barely 24 Hours After Cleric’s Recommendation For President Weah To Fire All His Entire Cabinet, New Appointments Made In Government

L/R: Rev. Samuel Reeves and President George Weah

Following a recommendation from the Pastor of the Providence Baptist Church in Monrovia, Rev. Samuel Reeves that the Liberian leader, President George Weah should dismiss his entire cabinet ministers, noting that they are not helping his government, but rather bringing him to  a public disgrace.

The Liberian Cleric made the disclosure yesterday in an exclusive interview with reporters, he named the Minister of Finance and Development Planning, Samuel Tweah as one of those who is not helping the Liberian leader by making the Liberian economic to be very tough for the ordinary Liberians.

Just few hours after the assertion of the Liberian Cleric, the Liberian leader has made several appointments in government, according to the Executive Mansion website. Areas affecting ministries, agencies and commissions as well as the University of Liberia (UL) take immediate effect though subject to confirmation by the Liberian Senate where applicable.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Edwin Juah        Assistant Minister /European Affairs

Ministry of Internal Affairs

Esiaka Sheriff        Assistant Minister for Research, Planning & Development

Ministry of Mines & Energy

George Gontor                     Deputy Minister/Energy

William T. Thompson II                Assistant Minister for Energy

Ministry of Agriculture

Dr. George T. Forpoh Jr.                Deputy Minister/Regional Development, Research & Extension

Ministry of National Defense

Tarplah Davies                                 Deputy Minister for Operations

Ministry of Post & Telecommunication

Varney Okai                                    Deputy Minister for Operations

Ministry of Public Works

Macarthur Hilton                           Assistant Minister for Rural Development

Civil Law Court

Cllr. J Kennedy Peabody                  Resident judge Sixth judicial circuit

Replacing Associate justice Yusif Kaba

Liberian Embassy in Washington DC

Al Jerome Chede                             Minister Counselor for Press & Public

Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission

Cllr.  Nbuduis Nwabudike             Chairman

Kanio Bai Gbala                              Vice Chairperson

Charles Gibson                                Commissioner


George Howe                                 Member

Chicago Bright                                 Member

Cllr.  Alexandra Zoe                        Member

Civil Service Agency

Teetee Pailey                                   Deputy Director General for Administration

Rural Renewable Energy

Joseph T. Williams                          Executive Director

Liberia Agency for Community Empowerment

Mariama M. Koon                         Deputy Executive Director

Liberia Medicine & Health Products Regulatory Authority

Keturah Chupee Smith                 Executive Director

Center for National Documents and Record Agency ( CNDRA)

Mr. Emmanuel Lomax                  Director General

National Food Assistance Agency

  1. Neileh Daitauoh Director

National Housing Authority

Henry Clarke                                    Deputy Managing Director/Operations

Mittal Operating Company Board Representative to the Board

Dr. Gonsahn Matardy                   Member

Liberia Electrical Corporation (LEC) Board

Cllr. Charles Gibson                       Chairman

National Oil Company of Liberia Board(NOCAL)

Richard B. Devine                           Chairman

Liberia Petroleum Refinery Company (LPRC):

Randolph Cooper                           Chairman

University of Liberia

Dr. Julius Sawolo Nelson              President

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