Banking Executive Becomes LPRC’s ‘Youngest And Productive’ MD; As Detractors Sway Away – A Profile

Detractors of the newly appointed Managing Director of the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC) by the Liberian leader, President George Manneh Weah are now swaying away their quest after noticing that Ms. Nyemadi D Pearson, the youngest ever to be appointed as Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer of the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company has proven them wronged as she is professionally performing to the expectation of many.

Ms. Pearson an oriented individual with considerable experience in public and corporate financial and administrative experiences is said to be using her keen innovative business strategy to maximize overall financial and administrative productivity at this very important entity of the Liberian Government.

As a result of her appointment by the Liberian leader to steer the affairs of this entity, Ms. Pearson, according to our investigation has added more credibility and competence to the management team of the LPRC making sure that its services to the people of Liberia is well placed.

With vast experience in the private and public sectors, Ms. Pearson begun her professional career with the Ministry of Commerce & Industry when she served as manager in the office of the minister; there, she helped to oversee the creation of trade policy, promotion of private sector growth and the revitalization of the Liberian Economy

She also joined one of Liberia’s largest banking institutions (Ecobank, Liberia Limited) as Banking Supervisor responsible for daily operations and staff supervision of the headquarters. Thereafter, she was hired by the National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL) as the Training & Development Manager where she managed, supervised and coordinated the implementation of the company’s local and international scholarships and training programs for personnel of the company and other deserving Liberian students. She was later elevated to the position of Chief of Office Staff in the office of the President of NOCAL.

Prior to joining LPRC, she held several other positions to include: Deputy Director of the General Support Service Department of the Central Bank of Liberia, Special Assistant to the President of the Republic of Liberia where she provided technical and administrative support.

Ms. Pearson has participated and earned honors from many seminars and training programs in the United States, Europe, Asia and Africa. She holds a Master in Business Administration from Strayer University in the United States of America and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Management from the United Methodist University in Liberia.

With these rich credentials, it has been noted that Ms. Pearson will prove many of detractors indeed wrong in the handling the affairs of this vital institution in collaboration with her team including Stanley S. Ford, Deputy Managing Director for Administration, Bobby G. Brown, Deputy Managing Director/Operations, and Wilhelmina C. Versini, Comptroller.

The Management of Global News Network (GNN), publisher of is pleased to wholeheartedly congratulate Ms. Pearson and her team, and hope their leadership will successfully nurture the growth and development of the LPRC.

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