‘Bad Road’ Medicine’ Where Are You As Liberians Continue To Suffer On Highways

Man with his bike struggling on the highway – Social media photo credit

As the raining seasons continue to make its presence felt, travelers have become the victims of its raft making dozens of business people to spent sleepless nights in the forests due to the terrifying condition of roads that lead in the southeastern part of the country.

Recently several persons including market women, and some workers of the West Africa Examination Council lost their lives on high sea for Maryland County due to the bad road condition.

Many of those who died in the process were afraid of spending sleepless nights for days in high forest, never knew that their demise was on the way; making families to mourn their dead.

The question many Liberians are now asking is: Where is the much talked about bad road medicine is he asleep? Or has he forgotten about those in the southeast? Of course not.

Over the years by popular demand, Liberians especially those considered as pro-Weah have been calling the Liberian leader ‘Bad Road Medicine’ for his strive in reconditioning roads in the suburb of Monrovia and its environs.

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