Authorities are investigating what motivated a deadly Jersey City shooting that lasted hours

Gunfire and chaos broke out on the streets of Jersey City on Tuesday.

(CNN) The gunfire lasted for hours in a standoff that left four people dead in Jersey City, New Jersey, with the city streets taken over by armed officers and the sounds of sirens and gunshots.

Authorities say the investigation into what started Tuesday’s gunbattle could last weeks — or even months.

The shooting began around 12:30 p.m. and stretched over three locations. Gunshots rang out continuously for at least 20 seconds just before 2 p.m. The gunfire continued for hours before authorities announced the suspects had been killed.

“The crime scene is very extensive,” Jersey City Police Chief Michael Kelly told reporters, ” and is at three locations, at least.”

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The bodies of five people, including the two suspects, were found inside JC Kosher Supermarket, according to police. Kelly said he believes a police detective was killed near a cemetery. The other three victims are believed to be civilians, authorities said.

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