At The Port Of Monrovia: L$9 Billion Vanishes In Thin Air, Local Daily Report

According to an independent and informative local daily, The Hot Pepper Newspaper September 13, 2018 edition quoting sources at the National Port Authority, disclosing that on March 31, 2018 a 40-foot container containing L$9 billion, approximately, US$33.5 million allegedly left the Port of Monrovia and has not been accounted for.

According to the paper, the container in question was signed by an official of the Central Bank of Liberia, noting that a request was written by Mariea E. Grisbt-Toe received printed material from the Port, ”On the 312t of March. Mariea E. Grisbt-Toe , Oldada Deshield, Musulyn R. B. Jackson and five others took custody of the container and were escorted by well-armed   members of the Emergency Response Unit (ERU) of the Liberia National Police.

The container, according to the Hot Pepper Newspaper source, allegedly vanished in thin air, as it was not taken to the headquarters of the Central bank of Liberia. The Paper quoting its source said the brokers who cleared the container from the Port Lawrence Sirleaf and Flist G.N. Jolo of the JVS Enterprise Incorporated.

The Paper also alleged that that the medium has also received information that two flights of the Royal Air Moroc, filled with cash printed in Lebanon arrived at the Roberts International Airport without the knowledge of the President of Liberia. According to the Papers source, the printing of the money, the paper source said was not requested by the Government of Liberia.

Investigation Continues

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