At Cabinet Retreat: President Weah Threatens To Dismiss Officials In Unethical Acts

President Weah and his Vice President listen attentively as Cabinet Minister make presentation at the Cabinet Retreat (1)President Weah and his Vice President listen attentively as Cabinet Minister make presentation at the Cabinet Retreat

President George Manneh Weah has vowed to suspend or dismiss junior officials of government who discuss their bosses on radio or in public gatherings.

Speaking Friday at the close of a two-day Cabinet Retreat held in Buchanan, the Liberian leader pointed out that government is not run on the radio or in public gatherings, but rather at government sittings, and warned those involved in such acts to desist immediately.

“It is at such meetings that we express our grievances and/or disagree with one another and not in the public; those of you involved in such unethical and unprofessional behavior will bear the consequences of your actions,” President Weah warned.

He is at the same time cautioning members of his cabinet, especially assistant ministers, to submit themselves to the workings of the government by respecting their bosses, noting, “Your boss is your boss.”

“Your boss has the power to employ and not you; he is under obligation to ensure he employs the best brains to move the government’s agenda forward. Until he or she delegates such task to you to execute, he is responsible to make decisions on behalf of the entity,” the Liberian Chief Executive advised.

Meanwhile, President Weah has urged senior members of his administration to lead by example by respecting their under-men in order to have a smooth working relationship that will enhance the government’s agenda of improving the lives of the ordinary Liberian people.

“As leaders, if you do not help your subordinates to succeed, then you have a problem; to be the boss does not necessarily give you the right to disrespect your under-men; you should always learn to create the environment where you and your subordinates can interact with each other,” the Liberian leader added.

In a related development, President Weah has nudged his officials to do away with talking and begin to act in order to implement the administration’s Pro-Poor Agenda.

He noted that “the Liberian people are eager to see tangibles and not to listen to talking.”

The Liberian leader then thanked members of the international community for attending the retreat and for their continuous support to the government.

The two-day Cabinet Retreat ended on Friday, May 18, with officials pledging to work in the interest of citizens by implementing their respective mandates in an honest manner.

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