Mr. Fallah B. Kamara

“Assistant Minister for Mines is Undermining Government’s Effort” – Says Brokers’ President

By AMOS Harris

Mr. Fallah B. Kamara

The President of the Liberia Gold and Diamond Brokers Association, Fallah B. Kamara has accused Assistant Minister for Mines at the Ministry of Mines and Energy of undermining government’s effort in the diamond and gold   sectors in Liberia.   

According to the brokers’ president, the Assistant Minister wants to give the diamond to the wrongful person.

Meanwhile, the president of diamond and Gold said all of the parties agreed that the stone was found by Mohammed Kamara, a “Jack-with-all-trick man” that is popularly called “junior” or “Iron Jacket at Ma Fatu creek #9.

According to him, the Mineral Law states that anyone who is not a dealer and does not have a license cannot keep a diamond or gold, giving the diamond to Iron Jacket, was unlawful because the diamond should have been in the possession of the Ministry of Mines and Energy until the investigation is completed, he said.

Kamara alleged that Minister Emmanuel Ticonti Tutu Swen has been in some “clandestine mineral deals” by using his influence to illegally take dealers’ diamonds.

  The Diamond and Gold president said the brokers’ association will not rest until the diamond is given to the rightful owner, Ma Fatu Borbor from creek # 9 .

Meanwhile, the brokers’ boss said Assistant Minister is doing everything to protect his job at the ministry. We will not sit to allow this assistant Minister Emmanuel Ticonti Tutu Swen to give this diamond to the wrongful person.

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