As US Based Peace Advocacy Group Moves In Mandingoes, Lormas to End Long Standing Conflict in Lofa

Condo Boss Mr. Abraham M. Keita(Center) and some participants pose for a photo

The Mandingoes and Lormas in Lofa County, through their representatives, have wholeheartedly embraced a peace and reconciliation initiative being embarked upon by the Condo Reconciliation Group Incorporated aimed at ending a long standing conflict between the two tribes.

Condo, a US based peace advocacy group with branch in Monrovia, believes that having come to the realization that “we are all one group of people worshiping the same God or Allah, regardless of our affiliation, it is always better to live in harmony with one another”.

The two quarreling tribes embraced the Condo-led peace and reconciliation initiative at the end of a one-day consultative meeting held in Zorzor City, Lofa County on Thursday, February 11, 2021.

The representatives of the two tribes assured Condo of their unflinching support and cooperation as the US based peace advocacy group unites the two tribes who once co-existed peacefully.

While commending Condo for its mediation role in helping to bring to an end the   conflict, they encouraged the local authorities and the people of Lofa County and the country in general to also support the efforts by Condo aimed at the realization of its desired objectives.

The one-day  consultative meeting, which was attended by representatives of the two disputing tribes, local officials,  key stakeholders, youth groups, the elders, the  media, among others, would pave the  way for a major peace and

reconciliation forum in Voinjama City, Lofa County geared towards amicably resolving the long standing conflict between the two tribes.

“From the one-day consultative meeting, we understand that land ownership, cultural and religious issues have been some of the main causes of hostilities and tensions between the Mandingoes and Lormas who live side by side. For instant, the Mandingoes often advise their children not to associate with their Lormas neighbors, while the Lormas do the same to the Mandingoes on account of religion and cultural differences, ” said the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and President of CONDO Abraham J. Keita.

“With the backing of the Peace Building Office headed by Rev. William R. Tolbert, Jr., III and other stakeholders, we are doing everything to ensure that we forge reconciliation between the Mandingoes and Lormas–who have also been blaming each other for the atrocities meted out on kinsmen and desecration of holy places during the Liberian civil war,” Mr. Keita asserted.

Moving forward, the Condo boss said his organization would continue the engagement with representatives of the two tribes, local officials and key stakeholders for the pending major peace and reconciliation forum in Vonjama City, Lofa County where the two tribes via their representatives will meet, trash out their differences, smoke “peace pipe” as a guarantee that they will shun violence and live in peace and harmony like before.

Quizzed as to when the Voinjama forum will take place, he could not put a time frame to it, saying “few months from now because it requires lot of resources, preparations and time”.

Earlier in his opening statement, the Administrative Director of Condo Rev. Joseph G. Armah called on citizens of war affected regions of Liberia, including Nimba, Lofa, and Grand Gedeh to unite their efforts behind Condo in the search for lasting peace and genuine reconciliation in the country.

Meanwhile, the authorities of Lofa County commended  Condo for  its mediation  in the county, especially in helping to harmoniously  resolve the conflict  between the two disputing tribes-Mandingoes and Lormas and reaffirmed their unflinching support in buttressing Condo’s efforts in said drive.

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