As The Illegal Sale Of Several Acres Of Land In Louisiana Intensifies, Citizens Write Justice Minister

Cllr. Frank Musa Dean, Liberia’s Attorney General, and Minister of Justice

Dozens of residents of the Township of Louisiana, Montserrado County have  attested their signatures to a communication believed to be a complain to the Minister of Justice Cllr. Frank Musa Dean dated on January 18, 2023 requesting the intervention of the Attorney General of the Republic of Liberia in the illegal land sale by unscrupulous individuals.

In their letter of complaint to the Minister, the citizens made specific reference of two members of the Liberia National Bar Association (LNBA) in persons of Cllr. Lofen Kaneah, and Cllr. Morris Massaquoi for their protective and continuous shelling one of the notorious illegal land sellers identified as  Blama Wright who they alleged have over the years from 2010 to presence.

Blama Wright, the alleged illegal land seller

The residents in the communication to the Justice Minister also alleged that Blama Wright has been in the constant habit of hiring dozens of thugs with cutlasses, single barer guns rand other dangerous weapons to brutalize peaceful citizens in the township in his quest to claim several acres illegally in the township.

The citizens also alleged that as a result of Blama Wright’s unwanted actions over seven citizens have died from stroke and other illnesses after being denied of their rightful acres of land, while others are being displaced seeking refuge to other homes and communities due to Wright’s criminalities through the support of these two lawyers.

Protesters hold placards against illegal sale of land in the towmship

Recently the GNN in its facts finding visited the Township to verify reports on the illegal seizure of hundreds of acres of land by Blama Wright, and further ordering dozens of thugs to beat on people who reject his false ownership, such report during GNN investigation was confirmed by the citizens.

Speaking to our staff in the township recently, Pastor Dennis along with dozens of elders who are also direct victims of the illegal sale of land in the township craved the urgent attention of the central government through the Ministry of Justice, and the Liberia Land Authority (LLA) to bring those involve to book.

Victim of Blama’s thugs

The residents in their numbers also accused Blama Wright as one of those involved in the illegal selling of several acres of land in the township, while rightful owners are being brutalized by thugs under the alleged authority of Wright if the victims query over the illegal sale of their land.

Last year, 2022, authorities of the Liberia Land Authority released names of 88 illegal land sellers including the former Commissioner of the Louisianan Township, and now County Inspector, Solomon Miller amongst 88 notorious illegal land sellers in Montserrado and Margibi Counties, warning people not to do business with such individuals due to their alleged criminal activities by selling land that is not theirs.

An elder explaining his frustration over Blama’s illegal land sale

Mr. Miller was highlighted on the list due to his alleged dubious activities when he served as Commissioner of the Township; he reportedly sold several acres to innocent people, and issuing the fake land deeds leaving his victims to be at the losing end after receiving several thousand United States Dollars from his victims.

The Letter Of Complaint To Justice Minister

Effort by the GNN to get Mr. Miller and Wright online proved unsuccessful, despite several of mobile phone calls. Investigation continues.

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