As Supreme Court Opens Today, Family Members Of Former Chief Justice, Gloria Musu Scott Cries For Justice, Freedom

The family of former Chief Justice, Gloria Musu Scott has expressed hope for justice and freedom for their family members, as they anticipate hearing into an appeal filed against the guilty verdict and judgement of Criminal Court ‘A’.

Former Development Superintendent of Maryland County, Nathaniel Toe has termed the indictment and subsequent guilty verdict against Justice Gloria Musu Scott and family members as products of political manipulation and machination.

Speaking on the Wednesday, March 6, 2024 edition of the Hott Morning Live show on HOtt fm, Mr. Toe said the shady events that characterized the investigation, trial, and the post-verdict startling revelations, are enough proof that Justice Scott was a target of persecution and not necessarily prosecution.

Toe’s recent assertions are similar to a number of public appearances in which he has repeatedly drawn attention to strange happenings around Cllr. Scott and her family, before, during, and after the much talked-about trial in the lower court.

Many of the callers on the show agreed with Mr. Toe that Cllr. Scott and family are actually the victims who have dramatically been turned into perpetrators, and that the family should feel  vindicated by the recent revelations of Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Monroe Dennis that the investigation findings in the Charloe Musu murder case did not suggest the charges levied against the defendants.

It can be recalled that the Head of the Police Investigation Team, ACP Monroe A. Dennis, about a month ago, made many shocng revelations on a local radio (Hott FM), from the United States, among which he said that the investigation findings didn’t suggest the crimes mentioned in the indictment, but heavy hands interfered and insisted that Cllr. Scott and her family be charged as such.

Toe said the revelations by ACP Dennis and the suspension and fining of former Solicitor General, Nyanti Tuan for breaking jury rules, are enough reasons why Cllr. Scott and three other family members should not even be in jail by now, because the charges were politically motivated, manufactured and “criminally” place in both the police charge sheet and the indictment.

He wondered why were politicians chasing Mr. Dennis everywhere and forcing him to sign unto an investigation report that he, Dennis, as Chief Investigator, did not agree with.

This, he said, is another confirmation that Justice Scott is a victim of political witch-hunt, and a target of wicked plot and concocted theories of lies and fabrication.

Justice Scott and three members of her family are remanded at the Monrovia Central Prison awaiting hearing into an appeal filed before the Supreme Court following a guilty verdict handed down by what the family calls a compromised jury at the Criminal Court ‘A’ in November, last year.

Mr. Toe told his audience that the question of a possibility of intrusion into the former Chief Justice’s residence was a major contending issue during the murder trial, because investigators of the Liberia National Police ruled out any possibility that anybody could intrude into the house, a conclusion that defense lawyers vehemently resisted through evidence, including expert testimonies, insisting that there were many possibilities of intrusion, and that the murder was committed by an intruder on the night of February 22, 2023.

Toe who is also Justice Scott’s family spokesman, stated that the continuous accessing and intrusion of the compound with keys with which the intruders are opening all the doors, is a clear validation of the Intrusion alarm raised by Cllr. Scott and her family which Police said was FALSE INFORMATION TO LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS.

“Where and how did get the keys,” he asked; adding that these repeated incidents of intrusion, using keys, have further contradicted the Government’s theory of NO INTRUSION, which is the only basis on which Cllr. Scott and family members were charged.

He also mentioned the ongoing “disgraceful” fight over hundreds of thousands of United States Dollars by Justice Ministry officials (prosecutors), who handled Cllr. Scott’s trial, amidst legitimate fears that the jurors were tempered with.

He repeated that the family and many other Liberians still believe that the jurors were tempered with, after Solicitor General, Nyanti Tuan was found liable for going to the Temple of Justice and visiting the jurors’ quarters during odd hours, for which he was fined US$250 (Two Hundred Fifty United States Dollars) and suspended from the trial.

He described as shameful, the current fight over money by Justice Scott’s prosecutors, including Montserrado County Attorney, Swahilu Sesay, Cllrs. Boby Livingstone, Adolphus Karnuah, and Layfette Gould, among others.

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