As RIA Road Becomes Death Trap, East Int’l Company Road Construction Expertise Questioned

The qualification of the East International Construction Company and Quality Construction Company, a company which has been awarded a contract to reconstruct the Monrovia Roberts International Airport highway seems to come under spotlight, especially the danger its operation has posed for the general public and vehicles and the pedestrians.

According to GNN-Liberia quoting engineers and road construction experts, East International Construction Company and Quality Construction Company has no history of professional road construction services that can be remembered, and wondered why such a huge contract was awarded to it.

Information gathered by the GNN-Liberia revealed that in 2009 the company was known as a building material suppliers, few years later due the relationship between some higher-ups at the Ministry of Public Works it was awarded its first contract to pave the Gaye town road in 2012, but unfortunately, according to sources at the Ministry of Public Works it did not do well as expected of it.

Being awarded a huge contract to reconstruct the Monrovia/RIA road without having the capital to begin the construction pondered many Liberian engineers who spoke to our staff  became a myth   , but the involvement of a Liberian who wa, wondering as to what really took place in the awarding of such contract that has no financial capacity.

According to our investigation and some information gathered from our sources hinted that in order to award this road contract to this company, a loan of US$25m was sought from Afrique SN Bank in Egypt using both the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) and the Liberia Bank for Development and Investment (LBDI) as collateral until said amount is paid, according to our source.

GNN-Liberia investigation also discovered that the work on the Monrovia/RIA highway may not go ahead as scheduled due to the reported lack of funds. However, efforts to reach out to the company management did not materialize.

Investigation continues

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