As Religious Groups Demand Facts On ‘Mysterious Death’ Of CBL Employee, Eyewitnesses Clarify Misperceptions

The late Mr. Matthew J. Innis

Following series of demands from individuals, religious groups including rights group surrounding the mysterious death of an employee of the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL), Mathew Innis, three eyewitnesses, who claim to be residents of the late Matthew Innis’ community along the 72nd Boulevard, have said the late Innis was first taken to a local clinic called Peace Home in the same community for treatment, following a car accident, where the doctor on duty said there was no space to accommodate him.

Eyewitness Christian Kennedy told police investigators that after the doctor announced the lack of space to admit the late Innis, he (Kennedy) decided to rush him to the ELWA Hospital, where he was pronounced “dead on arrival.”

This clarification is in apparent reaction to public suspicion that the Liberia National Police (LNP) hurriedly took the late Innis to the funeral home without medical examination following the tragic motor accident.

It can be recalled that in the morning of March 3 along the 72nd Boulevard Road, the late Innis, who was the Deputy Director for Micro-finance in the Regulation and Supervision Department at the Central Bank of Liberia, was allegedly killed by a ‘hit-and-run” driver.

According to an LNP officer, upon arrival on the scene, they met L. Henry F. Davis and Eric J. Vah, all of whom are neighbors of the deceased and residents of the 72nd community.

The officer said that the victim was lying helpless near his vehicle.

However, Matthew Farkollie, one of the eyewitnesses told a team of reporters that about 2:30 early Sunday morning, he was in bed when he heard the sound of a vehicle outside, and later a lady in the “hit-and-run” car said “you have hit someone, let’s run.”

Farkollie, who claimed that his residence was closer to the accident scene, said after he came outdoors, he saw pieces of broken car lights on the ground, but clarified that he did not see CBL official Innis, noting that he saw other community dwellers who also rushed to the scene to see the accident victim.

Explaining during a press conference at the LNP headquarter, Prince Mulbah, Deputy Inspector General for Crime Services Department, explained that while at the ELWA Hospital, the officer who was at the scene said some family members, including Oldada Deshield, bother of the deceased; Esther Innis, sister, Victoria Deshield, sister in-law. Abel T. Washington, community Pastor and Joseph Simoke, arrived at the hospital and took the body to the Stryker Funeral Parlours.

He added that the LNP has in its possession a copy of the death certificate from the ELWA Hospital.

Inspector Mulbah then urged the public to desist from making presumptive conclusions in ongoing cases which could undermine the outcome of police investigation.

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