As President Boakai Named Assets Recovery Team, John Morlu writes:

Posting on social media, Mr. John Morlu said, “Corruption control requires solid and sustained action, not political grandstanding embellished in deceit and hypocrisy. The Executive Order to establish an Asset Recovery Taskforce from the very beginning is a mere posturing on the part of JNB intended to pump air in the space for the sole purpose of getting some crumps from the International Community to support his Government. Same tactics applied by Weah with Elton deal, meant to attract Bretton Wood. A Kla Martin, a protégé of Cephus, former NPFL rebel, refused visas multiple times by USA, and listed in the IAA’s Report for corruption at LACC, cannot be the messiah to recover stolen wealth scatter not only in Liberia but in America, Europe, Asia and other parts of Africa. A Cuffy, in GAC’s RIA report, accused of multiple corruptions at the FIU, a no messiah either. A Jackson with his hand stained in Bong County Development Funds, cannot be a messiah in this fight.  They don’t have the integrity, education, exposure, and competence to lead this fight.  You cannot set up a serious team for the mere purpose of meeting job satisfaction, lacking competence, experience, education, and exposure.

JNB is walking Weah’s walk, which will yield the same results.

What happened to the little funds recovered by Cephus and Arthur Johnson?

Yes, Doe created the  Bureau of Reacquisition, puposing it  to identify the properties of former government officials that were executed after the 1980 coup.  This Bureau, along with Doe and his cronies, misapproprated money they collected and seized and divided propertied they purported to recover. Could VAMUMA House and Nancy Doe’s House be among properties recovered?

Assets Recovery is that gold mine that will lift Liberia into 200 years of existence, a potential to give Liberia the Coastal Highway, and several other road projects, end nightmare with electricity and pipe borne water, etc.

Assets Recovery should not be merely restricted to Weah’s six years. It should go far back to the very existence of this country.

Like Doe’s group, Cephus/Arthur failed to show what financial benefit the government got from the assets.

On a common issue that has impoverished Liberia for years, JNB chose to walk the same walk of Weah,  Sirleaf, Taylor, and Doe.”

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  1. Anonymous says

    This is when and where a serious leaderships taps into the energetic pool of uncorrupted young diaspora talents.

    Look for a group of young experts from around the world with absolutely no steins of corruptions or politics and no sympathy towards the guilty. Compensate them well and give them the task and authority to follow the trails wherever it led until all retrievable assets and finances are recovered.

    The team may work with or include Local individuals, yet cannot be lead or allow to be influence by any local officials or individual.
    Such a vibrant team will better serve a nation like our beloved Liberia, bewiddled with corruption from the onset.

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