As Police Allegedly Barricade Hospital Bed Of Justina Taylor; Stopping Her From US Embassy Visa Interview Hundreds Gather To Move In

Ms. Jestina Kumbah Taylor being interviewed in her hospital bed

Justina Kumba Taylor, the woman who alleged she was abducted from outside her compound by unknown men, drugged, gang raped and dumped on the Robertsfield Highway and currently seeking medical treatment at the Catholic Hospital, has reported been stopped by group of armed men from going to the US embassy for her visa interview gave rise to hundreds Liberians to troop to the hospital to allow her go to the US Embassy for interview scheduled for today.

According to report, Ms. Taylor’s health condition at the hospital is said to be worsening and was scheduled to have gone for Visa interview at the US embassy has reportedly been stopped by armed men at the hospital who are reportedly barricading her hospital bed, as hundreds resolved to march on the hospital to make sure that Ms. Taylor is taken to the embassy for her visa.

In a live SOS call on the Roots FM, Mr. Henry P. Costa called on all Liberians to go to the hospital and take Ms. Taylor to the hospital to take her to the embassy for her visa interview, hundreds of Liberians have gathered on the grounds of the hospital demanding that Ms. Taylor be taken to the embassy under the name “Operation Save Justina Taylor”.

As early as 9am this morning, the crowd that had gathered at the hospital grounds grew by the number, making sure that Ms. Taylor in the presence armed men is taken to the United States embassy for her interview. Early, Ms. Taylor who was at the embassy  few days ago was tailed by armed police officers from the embassy grounds back to the hospital.

Since that time, armed police officers have been to the hospital reportedly making sure to stop her not to go to the embassy again for visa interview. This morning, additional police armed men were arriving at the hospital making sure that Ms. Taylor will be unable to go for her interview. Up to press time the numbers to allow Ms. Taylor go to the embassy for her visa was increasing each hour.

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