As Majority Drowns In Abject Poverty, Minister Purchase Hummer Jeep For Girlfriend? – GNN Investigation

Flash back: A Hummer Jeep

As Liberians furious over the mysterious disappearance of an alleged missing container containing over Fifteen Billion Liberian Dollars or over One million United States Dollars which has given rise to the attention of international investigators to troop to Liberia for a probe as to the facts of this allegation, another unconfirmed report exposed a senior Liberian cabinet minister has reportedly purchased three brand new expensive vehicles including a hummer jeep for his girl friend few months ago.

What gave rise for our investigative team to probe into this matter is the minister in question whose name will be featured in our subsequent posting is a senior official of the CDC-leg Government, a government that has been allegedly accused by its poverty stricken citizens about lavish spending while majority are dying slowly due to the lack of basic needs.

Our source said the girl friend of this cabinet minister only identified as ‘J-Loy’ has become one of the most recent beneficiaries in this ‘Pro-Poor’ Government, and currently lives in the Rehab Community around the former Liberian Vice President, Joseph N. Boakai.

GNN investigative team in its bid to get the detail of the man behind this lavish spending discovered that the vehicles in question were bought here at a local car dealer in Monrovia, and the vehicles have since been delivered to this lovely lady of the Minister.

Some Liberians who spoke to our reporter regarding this exorbitant spending by some officials of the CDC-led Government pondered over the sincerity of these officials as to whether they are prepared to rescue Liberians from abject poverty which is eating up the fabric of the Liberian society.

Read our next report to know who is this minister that have acquired such a huge financial wealth to share with his girl friend instead of his legal wedded wife.

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